Unit 2 This is my sister.[Section A](广西李老师—省级优课)

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Unit 2 This is my sister.[Section A](广西李老师—省级优课)[X00611]



Section A 初中英语 ? ?人教2011课标版评论(0)1教学目标:1. Learn 12 new words and key sentences.2. Learn to introduce family members.3. Learn the demonstrative pronouns: this , that, these, those.4. Learn Who questions and replies.
评论(0)2学情分析:我所任教的学校虽然是城区学校,但大多数学生是来自于农村的孩子,学生英语基础薄弱,语音和语感都较差,但七年级的学生学习英语的热情还是蛮高的。学生愿意动手动口,参与度较高。因此本课我从基础教学开始,通过真实的家庭照片导入呈现本课教学内容,利用信息技术突破语音语感教学,提高教学质量。评论(0)3重点难点:1)the names of family members (sister, father, mother, grandfather, grandmother, brother, parents, grandparents.)2)The usage of demonstratives pronouns:  this, that, these, those 4教学过程4.1 第一学时教学活动评论(0)活动1【导入】Step 1 .Lead in:
Step 1 .Lead in:?

Hello, boys and girls! Nice to see you again. Look! This is my sister. This class we will learn Unit 2 This is my sister. Do you want to know more about my family? OK, Let me show you.评论(0)活动2【讲授】Step2. Presentation:
Step2. Presentation:

1)Show some photos of my family and introduce the family members by using the target language:

Who is he/she? She’s/He’s my….

This/ That is my…..

These/ Those are my…..

2)In this way present new words and key sentences.

3) learn the new words.

4) let’s chant.(愉快教学,寓教于乐)评论(0)活动3【练习】Step3.Practice.

1)Read the words in 1a .

2)Match the words with the people in the picture.

3)Check the answers.

4) Listen and circle the words in 1a.

5) Listen again and fill in the blanks.(适当进行教材处理)

David: ______ my family. ______ are my parents.

Linda: Who’s she?

David: She’s my ______. Oh, and these are my ________.

Linda: Who’re they?

David: They’re my_____________.

6)Role-play the conversation.

7)Talk about David’s family.(提高难度,拓展延伸)。

That’s David’s family, Those are______parents. And those are______grandparents. That’s ______ sister. These______ his brothers.

8)Let the students talk and show their family.

?This is ... That is ... He/She is/They’re... These are... Those are...

Step 4.Do some exercises. (巩固练习)

?1. —_______ he?—He's my brother Jack.

A. Is B. What's C. Who's

?2. That's my ____. Those are my parents.

?A. family B. brothers C. Friends

?3. Frank and Mary are my mother’s parents. They are my ________.

A. grandfather B. grandparents C. Grandmother

?4. That is my ________.

?A. brothers B. friends C. father

?5. ______ my friend .

?A. This’s B. That’s C. These are

?6. —Are these your grandparents? —Yes, _____ are.

A. these B. they C. those评论(0)活动4【活动】Step 4.情感教育
Step 4.The emotional education ,Watch a public service ads.(情感教育,教书育人)评论(0)活动5【作业】Step8. Homework.(作业)
Step8. Homework.(作业)

1)Say to your parents:

?Father and mother , I love you!

2)Read and remember the new words.


?This is… That is…

?These are… Those are…

?He’s… She’s…

? ? ? ? ? ??